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The female name Bridget means "exalted one" - The name Bridget's origin is English


Gender: Feminine
Usage: Irish, Scottish, English, Irish Mythology

Derived from the Irish name Brighid which means "exalted one". In Irish mythology she was the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom and daughter of the god Dagda. This name was also borne by two import saints: a patron saint of Ireland (also known as Brigid) who established a convent at Kildare in the 5th century, and the patron saint of Sweden (also known as Birgitta) who founded an order of nuns in the 14th century.



For more detailed information including Bridget's health issues regarding the young. lovely and beautiful Bridget Mary Green Grassi please visit Health & Wellness Organization a health website dedicated to Bridget's memory and the Story of Her life. It's all about Bridget Green Grassi, her life and tragic passing away (in the year 2013) at a far too young age, caused by lifestyle issues and troubling relationships, combined with Bridget's prescription and illicit drug use, which was especially serious during the last 21-months of her life.

A young looking and very cute pretty Bridget in year 2010

We are working on adding photos of Bridget, including her life-events, places she visited and vacations. You are invited to submit any comments, information or photos they may have of Bridget for possible posting on this website by emailing the address below...

We found a historical weather chart reporting wind-speeds on Oct 6 2013. That was the date Bridget's Spirit made a surprise visit to us (a couple months after her unexpected and sudden passing-away) as she steadily (invisibly) and strongly pushed the heavy round punching bag outside about 10:30-10:45 PM, which was hanging by a chain from the rear patio ceiling.

The boxing bag was being pushed at about a 45-degree angle, without it slowing down in the slightest, for roughly 15-minutes straight! No, it definately was not the wind! There was zero wind blowing at the time of the paronormal event, which time took place about 10:30-PM that night. You can verify the wind speed on the weather bureau chart showing temperature with zero wind speed and no direction at 10:30 PM that night. A few minutes earlier the local news weather reported the wind was "still"

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