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Internet names are of course extremely popular as far as owning a website with that name, and its potential use as a business presence, marketing venue, ecommerce site, health blog, email address and for health related product sales or information. Obviously, there is only one name available, making it of course unique. Needless to say, you realize the significant value of owning a great domain like this and surely don't like others getting business from "Health and Wellness" and visitors from the HealthAndWellness keyword phrase, when they could have been your own visitors (if you owned the domain), right? It's unfortunate for you that competitor's are likely getting site visitors which you could have got instead?

There are many people and internet-businesses with high interest in the keyword health name Health and Wellness, with some potential HealthAndWellness users being quite well known on-the-web, including large, mid-size and small business owners in various internet based businesses. For a real-time search to see "Health and Wellness" keyword popularity for this exact search-term, please click-on Health and Wellness. In addition to seeing the wide-ranging use on the-web of the exact Health and Wellness keywords you may also find our website/name highly ranked in search-results, based on "Health and Wellness" usage.

A huge reason .com and .org are so valuable is the billions of dollars of marketing and branding which has gone into the extensions over the years, including high numbers of ongoing media and TV commercials. Another major reason dot-com and dot-org are popular domain extensions is because when someone is looking for a product, service, business or name they typically will add a dot-com or dot-org to the keyword term and type-in to their internet-browser including the domain extension (usually dot-com or dot-org).

With that said, you may be thinking about possibly making us an offer to buy Sorry, our great domain-name (registered 14-years ago) and its website is not available at this time except possiblly to top-tier health firms who desire to develop a much larger health resource similar to resources like and other large site operators and developers. It's NOT listed for sale to smaller companies, investors or individuals. We suggest they seek a lower-cost alternative name. We can help with another health domain since we are available to do Internet Intellectual Property research, in addition to SEO work, you may also hire us for our domain-name acquisition services.

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